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The UK outdoors sector is a vibrant, exciting and growing one to work in. It is particularly suited to those with a passion and enthusiasm for working both with people and in the outdoors. Although gusto for adventurous activities is a must, it must be remembered that ‘activity leadership’ is actually about people leadership in activities.

The Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership is designed for those individuals who wish to gain a broad, but solid foundation to allow them to follow a career in the outdoor sector or in the active leisure sector as fitness activity leaders and coaches.

In the outdoors, at Intermediate Level, roles will tend to be working with straight-forward groups in less hazardous activities, often in controlled environments.

In active leisure, roles will tend to be more of a community focus, and apprentices tend to be employed in community settings as activity leaders or sports coaches.

Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Activity leader
  • Outdoor Instructor
  • Assistant & trainee variations
  • Activity Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Community Sports Coach


Last Updated: 12/04/2012

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Intermediate Level Apprenticeship


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