LSC Staging

Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Where work finishes for most of us, it’s only just beginning for people employed in Leisure, Travel and Tourism. They’re the ones who run the gyms and sports centres we use, arrange our holidays and make sure we get there safely.

There are some fantastic opportunities in this sector. Fancy becoming an instructor at an outward bound centre? Want to jet off around the world as a holiday rep or aircraft cabin crew? Or maybe you’d like to focus on your sporting career while studying for a qualification at the same time?

An Apprenticeship in the Leisure, Travel and Tourism sector could lead you into any of these careers and more. Of course, not everyone works as a tour guide or surfing instructor. There are many less glamorous but equally vital roles: travel agents who arrange people’s holidays, leisure centre managers, baggage handlers, customer service assistants and so on.

Working in this sector isn’t one long holiday. There are often long, antisocial hours, you might be away from home for long stretches and, of course, you may be doing your job while other people are enjoying themselves. But the work is varied and interesting, and there are opportunities to travel and live abroad.

Your sporting talent or passion for travel will be put to good use on an Apprenticeship in this sector, but IT, planning and organisational skills can be useful too. If you have an outgoing personality and know how to help people enjoy themselves, you could go far – in more ways than one.