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Emergency Fire Service Operations

Fire Services

Firefighters mostly work for local authorities, but can also be found in airports, chemical works, military bases and power stations – basically, wherever there may be a fire or people needing rescue.

As an apprentice, you’ll learn about the various ways to put out a fire using gas, powder, water or foam. More importantly, you’ll know how fires can best be prevented and act as an advisor to others on this important subject.

Recruitment into the Fire Service involves mental and physical tests, as well as a medical exam and interview.

You’ll have to be physically fit – the working environment can be very dangerous and will require such feats as climbing ladders, removing obstructions and, occasionally, carrying people to safety.

You’ll also need to be level-headed, a good communicator and able to take decisive action in emergency situations.


Job Roles

  • Firefighter


Last Updated: 19/06/2012

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The Main Info

The Salary

Starting salary (once qualified): £28,000

The Level

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

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