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Health, Public Services and Care

People who work in Health, Public Services and Care go home at the end of the week with more than just a paycheque. They know their work helps other people and makes our society a better place.

It takes more than doctors to keep our health service running. Apprenticeships could lead into a range of careers in health – dispensing medicines in a pharmacy, giving eye tests, working as a dental nurse and many more. And don’t forget the alternative services that keep us happy and well – the Apprenticeship in Spa Therapy is one example.

Looking after people in hospital isn’t the only type of care. Many disabled people and older people, for example, need support in their own home or in the community – this is known as social care.

The care system is set to change a lot over the coming years as the UK population ages. But the very young need looking after too – as more parents go out to work, there’s a growing demand for trained childcare providers.

Health and social care are just two examples of the many public services that keep society together. Apprenticeships in this sector could also lead you into very different careers including youth work, providing security at sporting events, working as a firefighter, and housing the homeless.

In such a large sector, working environments and the skills you need vary. Technical and scientific knowledge is important in some areas – if you work as a pharmacist, for example. In youth work or social care, by contrast, your people skills are all-important.