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Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Automotive 29

This Apprenticeship deals with the repair and maintenance of all types of vehicles, from mopeds to lorries. There are more than 32 million vehicles on the UK’s roads, which means we need plenty of motor vehicle technicians to keep them roadworthy.

As an apprentice, you could work for a dealership and focus on a particular manufacturer, or work for an independent garage that deals with many different makes of vehicles. In both, you’ll choose your area of specialisation, whether that’s motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles or vehicle electrical systems. You’ll be working in a service technician type role, carrying out routine maintenance and basic repairs, as well as identifying and reporting faults.

On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you’ll learn about more complex faults and how to identify and repair them using sophisticated diagnostic equipment. At Higher Level, you could be dealing with the most complex automotive systems, or taking responsibility for the workshop, managing other team members.

Vehicle repair is challenging, hands-on work – every vehicle will present a new problem to solve. You’ll also need good communication skills in order to explain everything to the customer. But you’ll feel satisfied when the job’s done and that car is back on the road.


Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Light Vehicle Service Technician
  • Heavy Vehicle Service Technician
  • Motorcycle Service Technician
  • Auto Electrical Technician
  • Mobile Electrical Installation Technician
  • Heavy Vehicle Trailer Technician
  • Lift Truck Technician

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Light Vehicle Diagnostic Technician
  • Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Technician
  • Motorcycle Diagnostic Technician
  • Auto Electrical Diagnostic Technician
  • Mobile Electrical Installation Diagnostic Technician
  • Lift Truck Diagnostic Technician

Higher Level Apprenticeship

  • Master/Senior Technician
  • Workshop Controller



Last Updated: 03/04/2014

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Advanced Level Apprenticeship

Higher Level Apprenticeship

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