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Vehicle Body and Paint

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This Apprenticeship is about patching up damaged vehicles. From a scratched door to a dented bumper, accidents can affect a car’s bodywork, mechanical parts and paint job.

As an apprentice, you’ll have the choice to focus on either mechanical, electrical and trim body fitting; body repair; or body finishing. Mechanical, electrical and trim technicians repair moving parts and electronics. They assess the damage and then get at the broken parts inside by removing the bodywork (trim), fix the internal parts, and then replace the bodywork.

Body repair technicians fix the outside body of the car – they remove, repair and replace damaged panels, ensuring that the car is still sturdy and safe. They may fix the vehicle’s alignment and quality-check all body repairs.

Body refinishing technicians add the final surface touch by applying primers and paint so everything looks as good as new. This may involve the use of hand and power sanding tools, chemical cleaning agents, spray booths and drying equipment.

Apprentices will need a good eye to assess damage. Each bump and scrape will present a new challenge, but you’ll feel satisfied after transforming the damaged vehicle into something that works again and looks as good as new.

Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Mechanical & Electrical Trim Technician
  • Body Building Technician
  • Panel Technician
  • Paint Technician

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Senior Mechanical & Electrical Trim Technician
  • Senior Body Building Technician
  • Senior Panel Technician
  • Senior Paint Technician


Last Updated: 12/04/2012

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Starting salary (once qualified): £13,500 - £18,000

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Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

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