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Furniture, Furnishing and Interiors

This Apprenticeship covers a range of occupations involved with the manufacture and production of furniture. Without the furniture industry, the world would be an empty and uncomfortable place: there’ll always be a need for skilled people to design, make and install furniture for our homes, offices and public areas. The job takes creativity, plus knowledge of machinery and production techniques.

The Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors industry is of significant importance to the UK economy, particularly in the supply of end products for residential and commercial living and work places.

The industry is mainly covered by three sectors: Domestic (home furnishings sold in shops), Office (desks, tables and other workplace items) and Contract (furniture for hotels, airports and other large public areas). Some skills – like upholstery, wood machining and product design – are used across all three sectors.

As an Intermediate Level apprentice you could work as a Cabinet/Furniture Maker, where you would produce & assemble component pieces of furniture items including; tables, chairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, lounge suites, office furniture and kitchen cupboards. Or you could work as a Soft Furnisher, measuring, cutting, and sewing of fabrics to customer or company requirements usually within a workshop.

On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship you could work as an Experienced Furniture Restorer, repairing furniture, from simple things like re-gluing broken parts, through to completely rebuilding an item including making missing components & re-polishing. Alternatively you could work as an Experienced Upholsterer, adding padding and soft covers to furniture, working with designs, textures and colours to cover or re-cover items with fabric or other materials.

Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Mattress Maker
  • Cabinet/Furniture Maker
  • Upholsterer
  • Finisher/Polisher
  • Furniture Restorer
  • Furniture Installer/Blind & Shutter Installer
  • Soft Furnisher
  • Wood Machinist

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Experienced Cabinet/Furniture Maker
  • Designer Maker
  • Experienced Mattress Maker
  • Experienced Soft Furnisher
  • Experienced Furniture Designer
  • Experienced Furniture/Blinds & Shutters Installer
  • Experienced Furniture Restorer
  • Experienced Finisher/Polisher
  • Experienced Upholsterer


Last Updated: 12/04/2012

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