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Game and Wildlife Management

Game and Wildlife Management

Gamekeepers work in the countryside looking after areas managed for shooting called beats or estates. They make sure that there is enough game on their shoots for shooting to take place. Game includes deer, and birds such as grouse, partridge and pheasant. Gamekeepers also actively manage wildlife habitats.

Gamekeepers work closely with farm managers and forestry workers, as well as clients who come to shoot. Their main tasks are rearing young birds from hatcheries, making sure game is kept safe from predators, and making necessary repairs to equipment, buildings and release pens. In the shooting season, they arrange shoots and hire beaters and pickers up.

Other work includes managing woodland or burning heather, clearing land using power saws and other equipment, building fences and clearing ponds and ditches.

Gamekeepers work flexible hours according to the season and when jobs need completing. It may involve working long hours and can include early morning, evening and weekend work. Most of their working time is spent outdoors in all weather conditions. There is a lot of walking, and work can involve a great deal of physical effort.

You’ll follow one of four routes within the Apprenticeship: upland/grouse, lowland, deer, or game rearing. On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship, you’ll choose between a general route, deer, or game rearing.


Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Under-keeper/beat keeper
  • Game farm worker
  • Under-stalker/ghillie

Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Single-handed gamekeeper/head keeper
  • Game farm manager
  • Head stalker


Last Updated: 12/04/2012

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Starting salary (once qualified): £12,000 - £20,500 per year

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Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

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