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Frameworks and SASE (Current arrangements)

An Apprenticeship framework:

  • is a document which covers all the statutory requirements for an Apprenticeship programme in England
  • is used by colleges, employers and training providers to make sure that all Apprenticeship programmes are delivered consistently and therefore to national standards, no matter where in England the Apprenticeship takes place
  • includes the names of all qualifications and what each qualification is worth (their “ credit value”)
  • gives guidance on how to get onto an Apprenticeship programme, the time it will take and career paths available after an Apprenticeship.

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Apprenticeship Frameworks Online (AFO) contains detailed information on all of the Apprenticeship frameworks currently available. Information it contains includes;

  • Framework ID, issue number and issue date
  • Contact details for the issuing authority
  • Purpose of the framework
  • Levels and job roles
  • Detailed framework document (in PDF format)

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Note: Apprenticeship Frameworks Online (AFO) contains information on both publicly funded and non-funded frameworks with England and Wales. The Skills Funding Agency only supports frameworks which are publicly funded.


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The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) sets out the minimum requirements to be included in a recognised English Apprenticeship framework. Compliance with the SASE is a statutory requirement of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning (ASCL) Act.

This has meant that all Apprenticeship framework in England have been reviewed by the issuing authority and amended where necessary to ensure the framework is SASE compliant.

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Important: SASE Framework Arrangements post 31/08/2014


Arrangements for changes to SASE frameworks post 31/08/14 have now been issued.

There must be no new SASE frameworks developed or issued through Apprenticeship Frameworks Online after 31st August 2014. The Federation for Industry Skills and Standards (FISSS) have set out guidance detailing “compelling reasons” where changes to existing SASE frameworks can be made.

If you have any queries please contact FISS at


Apprenticeship Reform


The new arrangements have been put in place following the October 2013 announcement to reform Apprenticeships so that they are more rigorous and responsive to the needs of employers. Apprenticeship standards will replace all frameworks by 2017 – for more information on standards that are have already been published or are currently being developed please visit the standards page.

Visit BIS’ hub page for the Reforms for access to all the latest up to date guidance and FAQs regarding the Reforms, including the Trailblazers and funding. 


Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE)
New Apprenticeship Declaration and Authorisation Form


The Apprenticeships, Skills Children and Learning Act 2009 requires that apprentices must apply for their apprenticeship completion certificate. Where the application is facilitated by a third party, there must be evidence that this was done at the specific request of the apprentice. Apprentices must also provide all of the appropriate evidence to support their claim for an Apprenticeship Completion Certificate.

After consultation with AELP and AoC Version 2 of the Apprenticeship Declaration and Authorisation Form has been launched on 01 January 2013 for use by an individual apprentice or a third party, in most instances a learning provider authorised to claim the apprenticeship completion certificate on behalf of the apprentice.

Immediate use of version 2 of the form would be preferable however version 1 of the form that had been piloted in 2012 can continue to be used up until 28 February 2013 in this recognised transition period; as from 1 March 2013 version 2 only will be accepted.

View/downloand Version 2 of the form 

Guidance notes on how to complete version 2 of the Apprenticeship Declaration and Authorisation Form and the evidence required are available on the Sector Skills Councils Alliance website


Last Updated: 04/11/2014

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Apprenticeship Frameworks Online (AFO) is the online library for Apprenticeship frameworks.

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SASE changes

The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) sets out the minimum requirements to be included in a recognised English Apprenticeship framework.

Find out more about SASE »

SASE implementation »

Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 »

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