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I'm trying to find a learning provider to work with

The Search for Learning Provider page has been simplified to make it easier for you to see information about what the provider is offering. You can search in two different ways. To search for providers offering a particular Apprenticeship you must specify one Occupation Type (Sector) for your business and if necessary, the Job Type that you interested in offering an Apprenticeship. This would restrict the results to providers offering training in that occupational area. If you select 'All' against Job Role you will see information on the whole sector.

In addition you must specify a location. This can either be a full postcode such as CV1 2WT, or part code such as CV1, or just a location such as Coventry. If a drop-down menu appears, select the relevant location.

Please note that the Learning Provider search may return an address that is not located in the area you have searched for. However, the Learning Providers listed will deliver within your specified search location. For details of all the Apprenticeship Frameworks and delivery locations please refer to the Provider Details page.

The second way to search if by provider name. If you know the name of a particular provider, you can enter all or part of their name.

Search results display the learning provider name, a link to their website and the sector success rate. In addition to the location you selected, you have the option to view your results for the wider region that location falls within. You will also see providers who offer training nationally.

You can request further help or advice about the providers in your area Employer Enquiry form.

Last Updated: 03/11/2011

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